Why I Write

I started writing some poetry in high school and always kept a journal or diary, but I really started writing regularly during a dark time in my life. My mother was killed in a car accident in 1992 when I was expecting my first son. I first started writing letters to her and writing in my journal about her and my pain. Then in 1996 I turned to poetry.

I believe writing saved my life. Between the depression of losing my mom and having horrible postpartum depression, I destroyed my life, my marriage and hurt those I loved the most over a course of only a few years. Writing was my only outlet for my feelings. I felt no one heard me, no one understood my pain, how could they, I didn’t understand it.

I would like to think I inherited my passion for writing from my mom. She had been a writer and wrote beautiful poetry and short stories. She made a book for her dad and now I have it. She never published any of her work, but our family knew how good she was. I only wish she would have shared her work with the world.

My first published poem was about her, the loss and pain I felt every day. I received the Editor’s Choice Award for that poem and I keep that book on my bookshelf as a reminder that even in my darkest times, I did something good. My second poem published was about my first son, the struggles I felt as I went through divorce and the pain I felt watching his confusion and not knowing why mommy was so sad all the time.

Those were dark days and writing got me through several years of pain. I haven’t written much poetry the past several years, but I have started to again in the past few months. My dream has always been to write books and poetry, but it just never seemed to happen. My husband has helped support that dream and pushed me to make it happen. I’m so thankful that he did.

My days are much brighter now then they were in the early ’90’s and I have so many beautiful things to be thankful for and to write about. I hope to share a book of all my poetry with the world one day.

For now, I am mostly focused on my current book series about a girl named Lily and the crimes she is solving. I hope you check them out. Look for my second book in the series to be released soon on Amazon Kindle.

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