About Me

FB_IMG_1426469644085I have always had a passion for criminology and forensics. I studied Forensic Science in college and can’t seem to learn enough about the subject. I love to write and read, for years I stuck to poetry, but then I decided why not write about the one thing that really intrigues me, crime, so I started writing criminal fiction stories. In 2005 I won the Editor’s Choice award for my poetry publication in Howard Ely’s collection.
When I’m not writing or researching you can find me reading or watching something having to do with crime or the legal system, usually with a few cats on my lap. In my spare time I enjoy volunteer work for local rescues or hanging out with my friends at my vet office. You can also find my husband and I out with our cameras if the weather permits enjoying our favorite hobby.
You will no doubt see blog posts having to do with my pets or fictional stories that may have a kitty or two, or a puppy. Don’t be surprised if a kitty or two show up in one of my future books.